It’s More Than Just a Game!

I don’t know about you but the statement that makes my blood boil the most is when I hear, “It’s just a game!”. People that have not lived this life literally have NO IDEA how much more football is than “just a game”.

Football is my husband’s passion, therefore it is my passion. There is no doubt this is his calling. When people belittle his calling by saying it’s just a game infuriates me. This happens to be his job that pays the bills, yes. But the bigger picture is him advancing God’s kingdom.

My coach might be the only father figure, encourager, listener, or supporter that these boys have. And let me tell you he is all of that and more to these boys. He is developing, guiding, and shaping these young men in so many more ways than just football. He is preparing these young men for life.

In our lives, there are so many skills that I believe are absolutely necessary to be successful. Most of these skills are skills that my husband reinforces and shows by example daily to his players.

  • How to handle Triumph & Failures
  • Teamwork (so many jobs REQUIRE this)
  • Discipline
  • Leadership

I honestly believe truly understanding and demonstrating these skills will help these young men be more successful at their jobs and relationships in general.

This game is my husband’s ministry and mission. He is not only trying to win games but he is mostly trying to win these boys. He wants to win over their hearts, minds, and trust. This is a bond that he shares with these boys that goes way beyond the field.

What’s even better is the bond my 6 year old son has with these players. He has 100 big brothers that are looking after him. They always make him feel like a part of the team. To see my son’s eyes light up when he is with them makes my heart so happy.

As you can see this game is so dear to all of our hearts! I am so thankful to be a part of something more than just a game. I love this Coach Wife Life!