Coach’s Wife Criteria

When I married my coach, being the OCD teacher I am, I needed to know my place. I wished there was some type of rubric out there for me to follow, or even a checklist! LOL

I remember calling him years ago to ask him if he thought it was okay for a coach’s wife to wear ripped up jeans. Of course it had to be considering that was all I owned! =)

That’s just a small example of the feeling that we have on meeting the standards of a coach’s wife. We have to make a good impression, just as our husbands. Our husband’s success is not only measured in his job, but also measured in his character and family. Yep! I do believe this. I think coach’s must lead by example on and off the field. They need to show these boys how to treat a woman and family. They are not only teaching the game but also coaching lives.

I am no expert. I am a new coach’s wife. But I have figured out a lot in these past few years that I think can be helpful to you who feel out of place or unsure on the prerequisites (if you may) as a coach’s wife.

Show Up!

Show up and be involved. Go to as many games as you can, even the out of town ones. Show up to practices, even if for just 15 mins. Show up and help with fundraisers. Go to the radio shows and let the kids wear the headphones. Be at every event you possibly can to not only show your husband you support him, but to show the boys and the community that you and your entire family are ALL IN! I can not express this enough!

Support Him!

Even when you want to kill him! Yep, sometimes our husbands aren’t perfect, I know that is hard to believe! LOL This is such an important and difficult task as a wife! Support his decisions, his calls, his ideas, and his dreams. I know this can be difficult to do at times. Just as Ephesians 5:22 states, “wives understand and support your husbands in ways that show your support for Christ.” This is what we are called to do, to be our husband’s number 1 fan on and off the field. Our husbands are the “head” of our family and the team. We as wives serve as the “neck”. The neck supports the head, and helps the head to fulfill all it’s tasks. Just go ahead and smile, because he DOES need you! =)

Support These Boys!

My husband is the Head Coach of our Football Team and Athletic Director. He likes to go to every in town event that he can. Our kids and I try our hardest to pick at least one event to go to per week to show these boys how much we love them and how much they mean to our family. Our son has one particular player that he truly loves. He prays for him and insists that he is his brother. He always has to bring this player his favorite drink or snack to his baseball games. There is no doubt we will have players be a part of our lives forever because we try our hardest to show how much we love them even when it’s not football season!

Make Traditions!

We are still considered newlyweds and this is something we are still working on. I think traditions make this whole football experience even better, not only for our kids but for us! Whether it be a signal from the field from him or a signal from the stands to him, or a certain coffee cup on Friday morning, or a certain saying. Get that one thing that is special and meaningful to you all!

As you can see, these are just my thoughts on MY criteria for being the Best coach’s wife I can be! These might not be for you and your coach, and that is absolutely okay! Make your own list! Thank the Lord there is not a written in stone standard that every coach’s wife must follow.

Thank you Lord for continuing to bless my football family. I love this Coach Wife Life!

Author: Kim Bachman

I am full time working mom married to the love of my life who happens to be an ah-maze-ing football coach!💜💛🏈💛💜We have 2 beautiful children and we are currently ttc #3. I love to blog as an encouragement to others. It is also a therapeutic outlet for myself! 😊

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